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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the new Admiral's Club in Paris. The new facility is located just inside the duty free past security, which is much more convenient than the old club at the end of the terminal.

    The club is basically a big rectangle with plenty of windows facing the gates, and lots of seating along window wall. There are also several groups of seats in clusters of 8 or so around tables for groups. The design is typical of newer Admiral's clubs, and is a very pleasant space. There is a bar and food service, but the pickings are pretty slim. I was there at noon, and for lunch they were serving some scrawny pimento cheese sandwiches and carrot sticks. Not an impressive food or drink array.

    I had a few issues that required assistance from the counter, and they were extremely helpful and attentive.

    After about an hour, I grew tired of the contingent of loud American tourists who seemed to need to TALK REALLY FREAKIN LOUD and ignore their kids who were running amok, so I went next door to the CX Lounge.

    The CX was also a similar big rectangular set up, and nicely appointed. Even though I was there just before the HKG flight departed and the place was fairly full, it was much quieter than the AA club next door.

    Wow what a difference in food offerings, though. The CX folks had a great offering of different lunch options (beef, curry chicken, salmon, noodle bar, etc) and nice deserts. They also had nicer options for wine and spirits.

    Bottom line - the new AA club in CDG is better than the old one, and much more conveniently located. However if you have the option, pick the CX lounge next door...
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    Now now, you know when American tourists speak really loud, magically everyone can understand them, even if they don't speak a lick of English!
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