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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by royce242, Feb 19, 2013.

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    I live abroad in Europe and discovered when I moved here, that it seems as though Europeans aren't really as CC happy as Americans are. From what I've seen there really aren't any banks blasting out sign-up bonuses for credit cards or offering crazy bonus point systems. Heck, banks even charge their customers for the privilege of using one of their issued credit cards. Aside from some supermarket CC's offering meager bonuses, there really isn't anything.

    Are there any folks out there living abroad who have had success discovering any loyalty programs out there for people with European addresses?

    Luckily I still have an address in the US and am able to continue to apply and maintain my American CC accounts.

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    I'm from Sweden and over here there are a lot of different alternatives, but the bonuses aren't as crazy as over the big pond. If you sign up for a card here they usually dont charge you the annual fee the first year, and if you use it alot you can usually ask them to waive the charge the upcoming years too.

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