Cartel sells Miles like it's1999/didn't they gut programs?/Madoff defense: it's proprietary

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    Mailboxes of America overflowing with credit card bonus offers. You'd never know they've basically gutted their ff programs and for millions this will be a cruel hoax which many will find out when they go to book and see the devaluations the media conceals. If the country had a single unbought consumer protector-that would NOT be DOT of course-they would be all over this. Incredible to see the total immunity the cartel has from meaningful scrutiny. How many miles are they selling? What rewards are being ladled out? What warnings do they give pigeons who sign up about the likely futile pursuit they are initiating? The cartel's answer reminiscent of a Mr. B Madoff is that this is all proprietary. Try running your very own sweepstakes or lottery without authoritzation and see what happens. Now more than ever we need robust regulation of these actors. Now, more than ever, we have none. Both parties. In the tank.
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