Cartel Destroys Pilot Job then cites shortage for choking the life out of non hub airports

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    United Capital Management dba as an airline said it closed its CLE hub because of a pilot shortage, omitting that destroying the job of pilot by using regionals-paying less than 30k to pilots-was a core strategy of the relentlessly avaricious cabal. As they did time and time again they decimated every job they could-your local airport was once a fortress of well paid middle class jobs with long serving employees. Today, many of the worst, lowest paid highest turnover jobs are in aviation. Now treating its readers like imbeciles, Fortune repeats the deceit that there is a shortage of pilots which is not true as they well know: for the right wage, pilots will be lined up for jobs. Ask Ryanair which is losing tons of pilots to higher paying Norwegian. Once again, the effluent of US air travel could not be accomplished without able assistance of corporate media. Equally deceitful: no mention that overjamming hubs and starving local airports is a linchpin of the cartel's windfall profits and absurd executive compensation.
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