Cars at West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)

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    Location has both Em & Exec Aisles.

    I've rented here several times over the past 6 months & have seen a decent selection of mostly mid/full sized cars.

    Good news is they recently got a slew of new cars in so lately mileage on Aisle cars tend to be very low.

    While convertibles are rare in the Aisles, I have seen cars w/ sun roofs (Impala & Nissan Maxima) Also spied a Jeep a few weeks ago.

    As reported elsewhere in this Forum & FT, PBI has a stellar staff..from Mgmt down to the driveout booth rep.

    One example, this location also offers expedited help if you encounter a problem with your rental.

    Just email & an area Mgr will reply w/I the hour.
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    I'm seeing a few more loaded (sunroof, leather, etc) cars at National, I've never quite understood if buying a car that has everything else loaded, why skimp on the moon/sunroof?
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    Because rental agencies get their vehicles based on special arrangements with manufacturers, usually with the manufacturer unloading undesirable option packages or super-base models. Ever notice how strangely optioned rental cars are as compared with comparable models you might see on the road driven by a regular consumer?
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