Carry-on Luggage on E190 ?

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  1. Help! I am flying tomorrow (4/26) on an E190 (US Airways) into Philadelphia, and then connecting to out west. I would like to know the size of allowable carry-ons; will my normal Tumi rollerbag make it? I have a "tight" connection, so I definitely won't go the route of checked luggage, and last experience with waiting on the jetway for the gate-checked luggage resulted in a missed connection (love having to wait for the bus to go from F to A ...!!!) So, the rule is if it doesn't go on the plane with me, then it doesn't go .... or, a FedEx package gets sent.

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    Hi Karen - I do not fly US Airways alot so am hoping someone more in the know will jump in, but I found this on the US Airways website that may help you? I think the key is if it will not fit on the plane then you gate check it and get it at the plane entrance when you deplane... that is what happens on Air Canada and the hightlighted text below seems to imply the same on US Air I think.

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    Hi Karen,

    I've been able to carry my rollerbag on US E190s plenty of times. The only thing is that I don't think that it fits wheels first, but it does fit in sideways. As long as you're boarding with group 1 or 2, I don't think you'll have any issues.
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