Carlson Family&Friends - revisited

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    Ok, so I haven't used this rate alot, usually only when staying one nights on weekdays if I'm paying for it and the prices are over $350 for a standard room. Don't know how recent this change is, but just saw that they've now added a "warning" popup when trying to book this rate online:

    "Before booking this rate, please note that employee name and work location will be required at time of check-in."

    What do you think? Is it dead?
    It's always been my understanding that the staff at my hotels have never seen or understood what type of rate this booking is when I've used it, as they always make sure that my carlson card is registered so I get points, and as we all know - this rate gives no points.
    Has anyone tried this rate recently?

    And as an extra sting, my brother left his job at a carlson hotel quite recently, which means I was always eligible for the rate - until they required it. :p
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