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    Please post your review of rental cars, not so much the company service although that should be part of it.

    I'll go first. I just rented a 2013 Jeep Patriot at a local Enterprise lot. I needed the car as my truck was going in for service. The Enterprise office at the dealership was closed on Saturday so I had to pick it up at the nearby office. They offered to let me drop the car at the dealer for no additional cost. I think I paid way too much for a week rental at about $200 but that's another story.

    The car was a black on black stripped Patriot with about 11k miles on it. It drives nice and it not a bad highway car. It's very under powered (maybe that's the "Jeep Thing" I don't understand). I don't like the fact that it didn't have daytime running lights or automatic lights. The rear hatchback was handy as I was using it as a work vehicle and I haul a lot of training supplies, etc. The car was fun to drive and easy to park but I don't think I'll buy one, well, ever. Everything seems really cheap on it. Maybe one with more equipment would be better.

    Great handling, easy to park, big enough inside for all my stuff.

    Cheap build quality, a little hard to see blind spots and way under powered on hills, passing or getting on the highway.

    Next time I'll add a photo.
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