Car Rental Redemption with Airpoints

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    I am looking into the likely possibility of doing a car rental redemption with Airpoints because the week it seems I will be in NZ will be a nut case (cause its during the world cup final) I was wondering if anyone had any experiences and I had 3 questions.

    1. The website will not let me say I am arriving on a flight other than an Air New Zealand flight for pick up at the airport (We are flying in on 3k and out on JQ) Should I lie (it will let me say I fly in on NZ7 and back on NZ8) or should I call up their US office and try and convince them to let me do it anyway?

    2. Is it possible to put a hold on a Reservation waiting for points? ATM I am short 90 points, which will be accounted for with some *A travel waiting to post, 2 planned hotel stays and an SPG transfer.

    3. Alternatively, because there is some worry about availability around the world cup, should I just book for one less day and pay the extra day fee? What would that run?



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