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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Beachgirl07, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Trying to figure out the costs of car rentals. What have been your experiences on getting a cheap
    price? How do I figure the tax and any more extra fees if say I get one for ten a day? The last time I
    rented one it was $163.00 per what would that have been per day and how much did go
    for extra fees. It was last march so I don't even know who I got it from. Thank You !!
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    Much too vague a question. Are you renting in the US or overseas, are you over 25? are you picking-up the car in the city or the airport are just a few of the questions needed.

    Suggest you go to Orbitz or a similar site put your options/requirements in and you will get a whole range of quotes which will show the daily rates and a complete breakdown
    of all the taxes and charges for your required rental.
    A check of the individual car rental websites may in addition show specials that might work for you.
    This stuff does take a little work.:)
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    Tax, what does it matter, it is just a bill.

    Once you do the math per day,
    Multiply it 10 times for a 10 day rent if you can find the same rate.

    Ever hear of variables.

    Gas is getting cheaper..

    I had to say all this, got to have some fun....

    It is cold outside, beach girl is over 25.
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    795 is a site i like to use to get a sense of what costs are in a new city. try them and carry it right up to the booking without paying. You can get a sense of what the costs will be that way.
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    To me rental cars are the biggest problem. I never can seem to find a great deal that I like. I either feel like I missed out on some miles or reward points, didn't get a good upgrade, had to wait to long to pick up the car or ripped off by taxes and fees.

    It has A LOT to do with where you are traveling to. Domestically I would use a search engine like then back track to your favorite loyalty or cashback portal and see how the price compares using an incognito window on your browser. Many times you'll find if you add promo codes or coupon codes that the price goes up for the same booking via a portal or program site. Once you find what you think is a best price see if you can save some money by booking it from an off airport location (near an airport). The airport fees are usually really high so even a cab ride to the location can save some bucks. Then check the local airport website and see if there are alternative local car rental firms. For example I usually save a ton of money with Fox rental car in California. The down side with Fox is the check out process is slow, slow. Same with Advantage. Internationally the process is somewhat the same but with different players. Also make sure to try and book the cars with a credit card that offers "primary" insurance coverage. Many offer secondary but you want primary. This is more important on International rentals. Domestically your personal car insurance will cover this most of the time depending on the carrier so check with your agent on this. No need to pay for insurance if you already have it. Lastly I would make sure to join the rental car company loyalty program that you plan to use. This can help expedite the check in process. There are even some free elite upgrade options out there that could get you an upgrade or free rental.

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