Car rental in France, Paris-Guedelon-St-Malo, how much to allow for traffic?

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    Since the things I want to see in Europe are seldom on any pre-packaged itineraries, I find myself needing to get between places that often have no available tours or efficient public transportation. One place I want to see is Guedelon, and the other is Guernsey, and those will be one-two right after Paris and before London. Before I hop the ferry to Guernsey I'll also be popping by Mont St-Michel.

    It looks like Hertz will allow me to pick up a car in central Paris and drop off in St-Malo, which is good. Straight-line distances involved are about 100 miles from Paris to Guedelon, and about 250 miles from Guedelon to St-Malo.

    We will be traveling at the end of September.

    Here are my questions:
    1. How much extra time should I allow for traffic? Especially coming from Guedelon, which does not have any direct limited-access highways running between it and St-Malo?

    2. I've never driven in Europe before. I'm hoping my one short season in NASCAR (OK so it was 40 years ago, but I can still do a four-wheel drift) will be of benefit, but what else would be good to know? Speed-crazed rednecks don't intimidate me, but I really hate dealing with insurance companies and lawyers.

    Many thanks for all info.
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    I find viamichelin the best source for driving in Europe you can even get times for multiple routes between the same two points.
    Just allow a little extra time getting out of Paris depending on your start location in the city and time of day.

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