Can't Sleep in Hotels? It's Because You've Been Doing it All Wrong

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    Traveling can be highly rewarding, but there's no doubt about it—long hours on the road and jetlag can seriously hinder getting a good night’s sleep. Travel-induced insomnia is something that The Benjamin Hotel, a luxury hotel in Manhattan, takes seriously. The hotel has a dedicated Sleep Concierge to answer any slumber-related questions or concerns—and even offers a menu of 12 pillows, categorized by whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, all designed to help travelers rest better.

    Recently, the hotel also sought the expertise of Rebecca Robbins, a sleep researcher, consultant and author of Sleep For Success, to help make visitors’ nights even better. We got her advice on how to sleep better while traveling.

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    Thanks for sharing this article, sobore!
    The article is well worth reading for all of the sleep-inducing tips while travelling! One tip that appears to be absent (it's likely covered in the book Sleep for Success) is the use of a small herbal pillows or sachets to induce sleep. The odors of herbs such as chamomile and lavender before bedtime can help induce sleep, or at least that is promoted by herbalists. Some high-end hotels around the world (such as the Premier Palace in Kiev) have been selling herbal pillows to their patrons for this purpose for many years.
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