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    We are Marriott Gold members and we are vacationing in Cancun from January 26 to February 1 and we are tentatively planning on spending 4 nights in Playa Del Carmen and 3 nights in Cancun. Where do you all like to stay? It doesn't necessarily have to be a Marriott. We are not sure whether to do an all-inclusive food and beverage deal or also to stay at a condo or air bnb or at one of the bigger resorts or at a Marriott. What are some of your favorite places to stay in this area and things to do?

    Vincent and Amy
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    I prefer to stay at the Intercontinental over on Cozumel but I've heard the La Blanc or Secrets are good at Cancun. Sounds like fun. To me the only thing I go there for is Mexican beer on an out of the way beach and diving off Cozumel so I'm not the best to ask on activities. If you have a car you can go check out Merida or the ruins in that area which are need. Progresso is pretty doggy but fairly quiet unless a cruise ship in in port. I typically skip the all inclusive places as I would rather find a hole in the wall bar or beach bar and just relax with cheap drinks and sun.
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    We stayed on the beach near Tulum in a small boutique lodge/hotel with cabañas named Zamas and liked it. We went years ago but just before we went a major fashion publication held a photo shoot there.

    Within driving distance around Cancun you have a many lodging choices, US brands, all inclusive, nudist, staying more local, or smaller cabaña type places. So where you stay really is about what you want to do and how much you want to pay to do it.

    For us the highlight of the destination was ruins and snorkeling in cenotes, as well as the tourist park Xcaret. The town of Tulum had lots of small international style restaurants but the quality was nowhere near what we get in DC and at the time we went, late January, there were not many people dining. Our dining highlights were a taco restaurant near the soccer field.
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