Cancelling 2nd segment of multi-city flight?

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    Suppose I have a award flight from LAX-JFK-LHR. I take the flight from LAX-JFK. I have questions on the second segment: JFK-LHR:

    1) Can I cancel and have any award miles re-deposited for a fee?
    2) Can I change the name on the reservation?

    I'm guessing the answer to both is "no", but I figured I would double check.

    Thank you.
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    For 1 and 2; since I don't know your exact situation, I'll just post the explanation from the AA site. Also, assuming you have already flown LAX-JFK, I will offer that I think you can change the date of travel for the requisite fee, but you won't have any luck changing the traveler. The date change would allow you to travel JFK-LHR up to 1 year from the date the ticket was issued (not when you flew, unless you ticketed the same day).

    Changing Flight Award Tickets

    Changes to origin/destination –

    A $150 USD charge will apply for a confirmed change to an eligible origin or destination on a MileSAAver award (waived for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members using miles from their account). Changes to an eligible origin or destination on AAnytime awards are allowed at no charge.

    Changes that require different award type -

    Changes to the itinerary which involve different AAdvantage award(s) than originally ticketed require a reinstatement of the original award ticket, payment of the applicable award reinstatement charge (see below), and a new award ticket issued (waived for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members using miles from their account).

    Changes to your outbound travel date, resulting in a departure within 21 days -

    A $75 USD award processing charge will apply for a confirmed change to the date on an AAdvantage MileSAAver and AAnytime award ticket if the change results in a new outbound travel date that is within 21 days of the original booking date (waived for AAdvantage Executive PlatinumAAdvantage Platinum and AAdvantage Gold members using miles from their account).

    Contact AAdvantage Reservations to change your itinerary, pay the applicable charge and have your ticket reissued prior to travel.

    Reinstating Award Tickets
    (Waived for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members using miles from their account)

    You can request to have your AAdvantage mileage reinstated for an unused AAdvantage flight award if your ticket has not expired. Partially used awards cannot be reinstated.

    When requesting a reinstatement, a $150 USD processing charge will be assessed per account for the first award ticket. Any additional award tickets reinstated to the same account at the same time will have a $25 USD per ticket add-on charge.

    If you wish to reinstate your AAdvantage mileage, please call 1-800-882-8880 or your local American Airlines office to cancel your reservation and request your mileage reinstatement.

    *At no time may AAdvantage mileage credit or award tickets be purchased, sold or bartered. Any such mileage or tickets are void if transferred for cash or other consideration. Violators (including any passenger who uses a purchased or bartered award ticket) may be liable for damages and litigation costs, including American Airlines attorney's fees incurred in enforcing this rule. View complete Terms and Conditions.

    **AAdvantage flight awards are subject to, and the passenger is responsible for, the September 11th Security Fee, applicable departure taxes, federal inspection fees, passenger facility charges, and any other taxes and fees imposed by a government entity (U.S. or foreign), as well as any fees or surcharges (including fuel surcharges) imposed by the carrier.
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    The answer, as you expected yourself, is No and No.

    1) AA does not charge you segment by segment. LAX-JFK-LHR and JFK-LHR cost the same number of miles. So I am not sure how they could even approach a redeposit.

    2) For a long time, it has been almost impossible to change names on an issued ticket, except perhaps during some grace period of a few hours. If you want to give it to another person, there is no way. If you wanted to correct a typo in your own name, I wouldn't worry about it. There might be a few questions and extra attention, but every such case I have known has made it through.
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    If this were a domestic flight and you and the person traveling were leaving at the same airport the person intending to travel (but not named on the ticket) could obtain a pass through security (how to do this is up to you and not something I'll post here), and you clear security with the boarding pass. Then you two meet inside, hand him the boarding pass and he boards the flight while you go home.

    On an international flight, though, they're going to check passports at the gate, so if the ticket name doesn't match you're hosed.

    This also only works from a departure airport you're both at or can get to.
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    ok sound good

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