Cancelled flight rescheduled at same time with difft flight #

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    I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before or can explain why UA did this.

    UA1753 is scheduled at 1030a SEA-DEN this morning. It's showing cancelled on However, it's been replaced by UA1754 leaving at the same time. I'm not 100% sure which flight is the originally scheduled flight but I think it's 1753.

    The other odd thing is the 752 operating as UA1754 is showing online as coming from LAX. UA doesn't operate a 752 on LAX-SEA so I suspect this is bad data on the mobile site (not the first time).

    Anyone ever see United cancel a flight and replace it with a different flight number (not in the 9xxx range) at the same departure time?

    I'm not on this flight. I was just looking at bump possibilities from the flight I am on to any other flight and noticed this anomoly.

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    That's interesting as UA also has a 1049am flight SEA-DEN UA1481 as well.
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    Yes, I saw this a couple of weeks ago when my SFO-ORD flight was changed to different equipment and a different flight number (super pissed too because it went from a 67I with me and hubby in flat beds to a POS 757 2-cabin). However I can also find another SFO-ORD flight at the same time still flying the 67I when I search other itins, SOMETIMES. The original one wasn't canceled; they just moved me off of it.

    Freakin weird man.

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