Canceling Payment for Flight - to Use other Credit Card?

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    I recently booked a flight on Southwest. I booked it on my southwest business card. I also applied for the Citi Prestige in this latest round of cards. They told me it wasn't going to come for two weeks, which is why I booked the flight on the southwest card (plus 2x for southwest flights isn't the worst thing :) ) - I didn't want prices to go up or the flight to sell out.

    But, then it came incredibly quick via FedEx. And I realized this may be the last flight I pay cash for until 2016, and therefore my $250 credit for air travel from Prestige could go to waste (although buying a gift card would also salvage that I think... but I'd rather avoid that if I can).

    So, question is - could I call Southwest, have them refund my SW card, and put the flight instead on the Prestige? It would be great to use one of the immediate benefits of the card in that way. If not, I'll wait for a potential work trip to reimburse myself on.
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    YMMV, as we all have our methods of earning points/miles. FWIW, I use my SWA Premier credit card for one thing only - purchasing WN tickets.

    You may want to call WN to see if they'll process your refund, but also to find out beforehand if the new tickets will now cost you more now, due to a ticket price change. I've just had to rebook some bookings made during their earlier sale fares, and it is painful to pay more for those tickets. :(
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