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Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by dagaetch, Feb 7, 2012.

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    So a couple weeks ago, I applied for a bunch of cards, including both Hawaiian airlines cards. I was approved for them both, but one is a Signature and one is a Platinum. The Signature card comes with 35k bonus miles, so I'm keeping that one. The Platinum card only gives 10k bonus miles, but it still has a $50 annual fee charged first year.

    What should I do - cancel the Platinum card before activating so I don't pay the annual fee, or suck it up for the 10k bonus, or call and beg them to waive the fee or something? I know it isn't a big deal either way, I'm just looking for opinions.
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    If it were me, I would keep the card. Even if you pay the $50 fee for only 10,000 miles, you are still effectively buying the miles for .5 cents a piece. You have already taken the hit to your credit report, so you might as well get the low cost miles.
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