Cancel Barclay's US Air M/C before fee or not?

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    Okay, I've gotten two US Air credit cards so far. Only interested in the AA miles these presumably become eventually. The wife has two as well. Its possible we'll apply for more before Barclay's license to issue these runs out early next year.

    So... the annual fee of $89 comes due in a couple of weeks. The question: cancel the cards (#1 for me and #1 for the wife) or not? Or even cancel very precisely?

    With your annual renewal these cards come with a 10,000 mile bonus. Since that's worth at least say $200 or so, there would seem to be no question... keep the card for the bonus. Cancel in the future. Haven't researched the issue though. I haven't been putting a lot of spend on the card, just trying to avoid the 'inactive for 6 mos and we'll claw back the miles' T&C's honestly.

    Except that I like miles but I don't like paying cash out if I don't have to, and I don't have to here. So I could just cancel.

    EXCEPT that I could perhaps time it just right... wait for the 10K to post and THEN cancel, potentially within the 30 day window of the fee to get it refunded. Of course they might claw the miles back? They certainly have language in their T&C's indicating that they will do that (different than whether they actually do this in practice of course).

    PLUS I might want to get more of these cards going forward. I'm pretty sure people are getting their third of these, and I don't want to mess the gravy train up. The assumption being that since they're churnable now and Barclay's is about to lose the ability to issue these that they'll continue to be particularly loose with them until the runway ends. And if canceling the card now to avoid the fee would make Barclay's not be my friend anymore...

    Any opinions? Experience?
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    I would hold on to them but call and try to get a retention offer out of them. I figure that with Barclay losing the ability to gain new customers for their US Air (soon AA) card that they may be aggressive to keep the customers they already have. Can't hurt at least.
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    Don't forget the CP Pass and the lounge cards...I keep mine, apply for another one, who knows they can only say no...
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