Canadian airline First Air to live stream black box data

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    In the months following the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, aviation experts have reopened the debate surrounding the live-streaming of black box data.
    But Canadian airline First Air will soon become one of the few in the world to have the option to live stream black box data in the event of an emergency – and the technology they are using is all Canadian made.

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    “Everybody talks about the black box on an airplane, but it is permanently installed on an airplane and if the airplane goes missing so does the black box,” said Vic Charlebois, vice president of Flight Operations.

    “What this technology allows us to do is if the aircraft gets into difficulty the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) will look back 20 seconds from where the event occurred and pick up the data from the airplane – the same data that is being stored in the black box – and start streaming it to a secure server.”

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    Had not thought of that technology but it sounds like it can easily be done with all the satellites roaming overhead. If the technology is well proven regulators should make it a law to install the system.

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