Can I add a redress number to an award booking on CX?

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    My wife is a US PR and has a redress number due to an issue during her H1B days. We both have GE but she still gets stopped for secondary by DHS at immigration (we've tried using the kiosks and in person) when we come back from overseas. She does get precheck though. Is it possible to add the redress number, which hopefully will prevent the secondary, onto a CX award ticket via AAdvantange miles? I called CX and they said that is only possible on revenue tickets which I thought was appears that CX does take redress according to their website.

    Has anyone added GE and Redress number onto a booking or have suggestions to try to minimize her getting secondary again? We've been told different things by the agents. One said that he "would take care of it" and then when it happened again, that agent said there is nothing that can be done until she becomes a US Citizen.

    Thank you for your time!

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