Calling all Singers… Orlando’s Got Your Ticket to Stardom

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  1. Think you have what it takes to be the next big singing sensation? Anyone can have the chance to become a star at The American Idol Experience located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Imagine being able to go through an audition process, make the cut, and sing your heart out in front of a live audience filled with hundreds of people. Your stomach is tied up with butterflies and your palms are sweating, but you’re getting ready to have the experience of a lifetime.
    by Wayne Pearson
    If the audience decides you’re the best singer of the day, you really do have a shot at being a star. A Dream Ticket will be issued to you and you will be able to belt out your tunes in front of an Idol representative. Next stop LA? Ya never know until you try. If you’ve got the talent and the courage (oh, and you’re over the age of 14), CLICK HERE, choose “audition and perform,” then follow the instructions and tips for auditioning.
    Didn’t make the Idol cut? Don’t worry, you can still strut your stuff at CityWalk’s Rising Star Karaoke Club. You won’t get a free pass to American Idol but you’ll still get the chance to show off your pipes. Nothing will make you feel more like a superstar than jamming alongside a live band complete with backup singers. And who knows… maybe you’ll still get discovered. One things for sure, you’ll have an unbelievably fun time regardless.
    By Kristen Manieri and Elise Gennrich

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