Call Center Chronicles: American Airlines Betty

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    This is the first installment in my many upcoming posts about ridiculous call center employees. The names are fictitious but the content is 100% real

    Every night, I call American Airlines AAdvantage desk. I don't do it because im bored but because thats when I make my calls into call centers for my clients. Most of the time, I talk to really knowledgable agents but sometimes, there are agents like Betty.​

    It was about 11PM and I called up the trusty AAdvantage desk. After going through the rounds of button pushing, I was connected to a nice lady named Betty. She was assisting me with a Bangkok-Hong Kong-Beijing-Chicago-Philadelphia itinerary.​

    Before calling, I figure out how much it should cost so that the agent doesn't try to double charge me. You see, this entire trip was supposed to cost either 67,500 miles in First Class or 55,000 in Business.​

    Anyways, while I was giving Betty my itinerary, I knew she was going to have some trouble when she told me there is no direct flight from Beijing-Chicago with American. I quickly corrected her by saying that American has a daily Non-stop from Beijing-Chicago. The next conversation went a little like this:​

    Betty: Ok sir, I'm looking in my systems and I cannot find any flights leaving Beijing to come to Chicago directly.​

    Me: Really, so what is AA Flight 186?​

    30 seconds pass by...​

    Betty: Ok sir, I have found the flight and I have also found First Class availability for 2 people.​

    Me: Awesome, lets patch this together with a Bangkok-Hong Kong-Beijing Flight.​

    Betty: Ok sir, but I have to tell you that this will no longer be 67,500 miles. We will have to charge you for two legs of this journey​

    This is where it gets fun​

    Me: Hmm, why is that? It should be 67,500 miles the whole way​

    Betty: No sir, this is company policy that you have to buy two legs if you are going to go from Bangkok-Beijing-Chicago​

    Me: Why don't you try this for me. Bangkok to Hong Kong to Beijing on Cathay Pacific XX date at 1:30 PM and Beijing-Chicago on American at 8:55 AM the next day.​

    Betty: This definitely will not work sir because you are doing a stopover. It will be 90,000​

    Me: Try it please.​

    30 Seconds pass by...​

    Me: Hello?​

    Betty: Ok sir, good news, I have found an itinerary that you asked for and it is only 67,500 miles. I don't know how but it seems as though it is a glitch in our system.​

    Me: It isn't a glitch, this is how you book it. You are allowed to stop in a city to "connect" for less than 24 hours. So, if I was in Beijing the day before at 1:30pm and my flight leaves at 8:55am the next day, it is less than 24 hours. That let's me connect!​

    Betty: I still do not think this is a valid itinerary, please wait while I speak to my supervisor​

    Hold Music.....​

    Betty: Ok sir, I was able to hold this itinerary for you till Saturday XX date. Thank you for calling American​

    Me: Wait! I still need to add one more leg please. Can you add Chicago-Philadelphia?​

    Betty: Let me look because I know that this will definitely raise the price​

    Me: Silent​

    Betty: Ok looks like you got lucky, it's the same price​

    Me: -__-​

    Betty: Is the 2pm flight from Chicago-Philadelphia ok?​

    Me: That's fine​

    Betty: I've put it on hold sir, here is your record locator XXXXXX. Thanks for calling American​

    Me: No Prob..​

    Betty: Hung up.​

    More at:​
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    I wonder how many AAmerican AAirlines Customers she's gouged in the past :eek::eek::eek:.
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    Yep. The uneducated or novice is going to be ‘mile slapped’ by this type of agent.
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