Bye bye Czech Airlines OK Plus

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | Europe' started by jakub7, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Czech Airlines is going to nerf their FFP OK Plus. The miles will now expire after 24 months regardless your status or flying activity. I can't imagine anyone willing to use their program any more.

    Source: website (after login go to Information for Members and then News):

    Change effective from 1 May 2012:
    Mileage expiration:
    The validity of each mile shall be newly limited for 24 months from the date of a flight or using of partner services. Should these miles not be used during this period, the miles shall expire automatically.
    At the same time, the validity of all miles expires (irrespective of the date of their crediting) no later than 24 months after the last OK flight operated by Czech Airlines was taken. Should this condition not be met, all the miles on the account shall expire automatically.

    Changes effective from 25 March 2012:
    Business Class Upgrade:
    For each upgrade to Business Class, an amount of miles equal to 100 % of basic miles credited for a specific route will be deducted from Silver, Gold or Platinum cardholder’s account. Other conditions for the Business Class upgrade benefit remain unchanged.
    Split up of the OK Plus and OK Plus Corporate Programmes:
    In case a company requires points for a ticket in Czech Airlines’ programme OK Plus Corporate, no miles or segments shall be credited for this ticket to the passenger’s OK Plus account.
    Higher OK Plus Card Levels:
    To obtain an OK Plus Silver, Gold or Platinum Card, there is a newly need to take at least two OK flights operated by Czech Airlines during a calendar year (the calendar year for which the threshold is being collected). Other conditions for obtaining a higher card level remain unchanged.

    and more...
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    My God, the rules of this program are becoming more and more complicated every couple of months! But what does it mean: "This paragraph becomes valid from 1 May 2012 with effect from 1 October 2012." So they will take my miles away in May or October? And WHICH miles, exactly, how am I supposed to know which miles did I earn when, when OK PLUS limits the history to one year???
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    Not only the rules are becoming more complicated, but each time they are becoming less transparent and friendly and more sneaky. This year OK Plus has denied me any mileage credit for several flights I have taken, and some of these flights were NOT at the cheapest rate as you might imagine. The last drop that broke my patience was a recent return travel in Business Class of a Sky Team alliance airline (the ticket cost around USD 1,000) for which again I got 0 miles and 0 flight segments. It is unfair. To sweeten the pill, they tell you that, I quote, "...your flight will be credited to your OK Plus account with zero values"... but not even that, they do not keep the promise and do nothing. One more thing is that CSA does not let you book award travel on-line, unlike most airlines nowadays. My advice: stay away from OK PLus.
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    That is a unique skyteam problem. I have some Business Class tickets also from Aeroflot that earns no miles anywhere else but Aeroflot's own program. 0% on DL and 0% on KL/AF.

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