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Do you purchase Silver or Other Precious Metals?

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  1. vickers

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    Good Afternoon All,

    I want to diversify my portfolio and start saving more for retirement. Wanted to see if anyone else purchased silver or other precious metals? If so, do any of you use APMEX on ebay? They have free shipping and their prices are pretty competitive.

    As I have never purchased silver or other precious metals before, I have a few newbie questions...

    -Whats the difference in buying coins or bars? Does it really matter?
    -Why are some coins priced differently, if they all contain the same amount of silver? (links below)
    The Buffalo is $25.80 and the American Eagle is $28.58.
    -The certification status of APMEX products is "uncertified". Should I be concerned about that, even though they have great reviews?
    -Are there other sites that I should look into?

    I may not be thinking of everything, but any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  2. Newscience

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    Hi, Vickers,

    Here's a couple of suggestions. APMEX is an honest vendor. I know someone who has bought from them over many years, whether the price of metals is high, low, or in-between. I wouldn't particularly advise EBay, simply for the issue of what will you do if you make a significant investment, and the EBay vendor doesn't deliver? Depending on where you live (especially if you're near a major metropolitan area), you may be able to visit a number of reputable certified coin dealers/vendors. You might be able to find one honest vendor in your area that can meet/beat the APMEX pricing (that includes postage and insurance). Always double-check and verify references. And by all means stay away from the "Fast Bob's" (or something like that, you get the idea) who have set up shop to fleece the sheeples. Good luck!

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