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    Anyone else get this in the via email this week? Does Jeff have a lease payment to make on some planes? Seems like it is not that great of a deal.

    15,000 miles for $423 is $0.028 per mile
    45,000 miles for $1,016 is $0.023 per mile
    65,000 miles for $1,467.38 is $0.023 per mile

    I thought you could buy award miles via the web site if you had bought a ticket for about this amount.
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    I received the 40% off offer to buy miles from United Airlines, through June 16th. Others can say whether this is a good deal. US Airways has run a series of 100% bonus (50% off) buy miles offers for the past year or so, and has had an even better offer for gifting miles in the past. Is 40% off the best that is offered for United Airlines miles? And does it mean very much, with the continuing mile devaluation?
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    IME, yes.
    It only ever made sense if there was a specific award you were looking for and the miles priced correctly for that transaction. Otherwise buying miles is a bad idea anyways.

    As for the timing and frequency of the promos, they seem to be every other month or so across all carriers.
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