Buying Dividend Miles, is status instant?

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    I searched around a bit and could not find an answer to this, so I apologize is this has already been answered elsewhere.

    I have some travel to the US coming up soon and I have been thinking of buying gold or platinum status with Dividend Miles before travel. This would be the out right buying not the status challenge.

    My questions are:
    1.) when purchasing is the status instant when or does it take a day or two to update on the website?
    2.) how long does it usually take for the card to be mailed to you? (mind you I live in Japan now, so I would expect it to take a few days longer than if I still lived in America.)

    Thank you for your consideration.:)
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    The status should be very quick, if not instant. It will help you to confirm this first by speaking directly with US Airlines Dividend Miles first. That means that although your status is almost instant, it will take a day or two for it to update on your online US Dividend Miles profile. The card takes a while to be mailed to you. I've waited as long as a month to receive it, and I live on the US East coast! That stated, you can print a paper copy of your Dividend Miles card from your account at anytime. Good luck!
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    If you are flying on US metal, then it will be instant. Others in the Star Alliance can takes weeks or a month until it shows. It took 6 weeks before it showed for me on alliance carriers, and until I received my card (3 weeks later) I was stuck and tried to stay on US Airways metal for the Elite priviledges to be recognized. Get it early is my suggestion.

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