Business technology travel checklist to keep you connected on the road

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    Most business owners or executives need to travel for business at one time or another. You can stay connected and productive during your trip.

    Power adapters: Canada and the U.S. are on a 120-volt system, but most other countries are not. Before you travel, check and make sure you get an adapter for the country you are going to. Most kits come with multiple adapters, so you can buy one kit and use it for future trips.

    Multiple devices: When you travel, you run the risk of a device being lost, stolen or damaged. Bring your phone, laptop and tablet and a backup if possible. Don’t forget power cords and chargers for all your devices. Remember a power bar, particularly if you have only one adapter, and your headset or ear buds.

    Roaming and data package: Most mobile providers charge hugely for roaming and data when you travel outside of your country. I have seen people come back with cell bills over $1,000. Call ahead and get a travel plan to save money.

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    Returning to the same country does have its advantages.

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