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    Hi y`all, for my 65th birthday, (not long off) I`ve promised myself and partner a business class flight when we next visit her daughter and grandchildren in Melbourne. We`re looking to fly from Heathrow and on seat/trip flight reviews I`ve seen reference to passengers being picked up by chauffer driven Mercedes, varying experiences with business class lounges etc. Are limo`s at extra cost etc ?
    I`ve flown with BA, Air France, Delta years ago transatlantic, and as a couple we`ve both flown Emirates, Qantas and lately Qatar to Australia in economy tho unfortunately all the varying airmile programs will have lapsed, Qatar being the meanest.
    But having said that I/We prefer the side by side seating in the business cabin on Qatar business class website as opposed to the weird arrangements of front/back seating "pods" on some other airlines.
    I fully realise as a newbie faced with a whole host of in the main very seasoned and very well (business/first) travelled members that this request for just what the business class "experience" feels like may be old hat but surely theres a first time for everyone/anyone to fly business.
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    Many of the bloggers post their experiences in the various classes along with lots of pictures. Million Mile Secrets is famous for lots of photos (and red arrows :)). Milevalue also includes a number of posts regarding upfront service. Peruse these two blogs and you will get quite a bit of info!
    I have yet to experience long-haul business/first services but will in the future for sure.

    Hope you find some useful info and Happy Early Birthday! :D

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    Consider Korean Air Business Class. Their A380 J seats are all 2x2x2 lie flat seats, perfect for traveling with a companion. They (along with QF's 380 J seats) are the my favorite J lie flats because the seats don't extend under the seat in front of you when flat (as they do on many other J lie-flats). KE also offers two lounges for J pax, a small, quiet one in front and a full service bar (principally focused on Vodka) in the back.
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    VA also does not extend under the seat and front, and has a business bar. They are 2-3-2 though.
  5. every one had different experiences in there life. I have just an awesome experience while traveling through British Airways. the best thing i like about it is one of the best place to spend our time.

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