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    I want to get myself a real nice business card. I was looking into clear plastic with the wording in a colored box.
    I want something simplistic, but to the point, something where if I order plenty, I wont end up throwing them away.

    What would you do?

    I was thinking

    first + last name
    phone numbers

    and a QR code in the corner or something. That way, the link that it goes to can be constantly updated. I wouldn't want a vCard as then I'm "stuck" with that info. with a QR code linked to a site, I can put like my portfolio, CV, etc on it.

    What about a logo? I don't even know where to begin finding one to suit me. I got plenty of things I work in - medicine, business, scuba diving, computer repair and networking just to name a few.
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    I get copper engraved cards on black cards and platinum lettering. I think if you get something that reflects who you are you'll be fine. I like Crane & Co. for the traditional cards, but the QR code aspect I am not sure if they can handle yet. I like their hand engraved cards because of the old worldness -- wish they would do the QR code a good match.
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    Some fields are more conservative than others regarding color, pictures, etc. on business cards. In my area, I see almost exclusively simple ones with high-quality black printing on nice white paper, perhaps with the organization's logo in color, giving just the person's name, title, and contact information (including website and cell phone numbers if appropriate). I have mixed feelings when someone hands me a card printed on colored paper or with a photo of the person (although IME real estate and car sales people tend to do the latter).

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