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Busiest day of air travel media mirage: 00-now US pax up 20%/93-now Europe pax +300%

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by ahappyelite, Sep 7, 2018.

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    The media singing off Airlines for Ametica liesheet with the meanginless, acontextual claim that such and such a day is the busiest ever. In fact adjusted for population, 00-now enplanements are basically flat:
    In Europe which has a free market, there has been an almost 300% increase in air travel since 1993.
    Example of pre 9/11 free market enplanements vs cartel era;
    56,000,000 August 2001 282 million pop
    66.000,000 August 2017 326 million
    US DOT
    Airlines for AmericaDepartment of Transportation have hidden pre 9/11 data to skew comparisons and protect the cartel. But if you look hard the nunbers are there and almost twenty years later.enplanements show no population adjusted increase in flyers whatsoever. This means far FEWER Americans are flying because many seats are occupied by foreign nationals.
    In Europe people fly everywhere and numbers prove it:
    1993 360
    2017 973 milion
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