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Discussion in 'Other Car Rental Programs' started by Sweet Willie, Jan 11, 2014.

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    a recent data point from early Jan 2014.

    Had a 3 day economy rental booked from Budget in Aruba so that we could explore the island a bit. Upon arrival was given a BYD Sedan. It certainly looked like a rental car (worn), but the fact it had a moonroof, leather seats made me think that it wasn't so bad. What a piece of junk, moonroof didn't work, car had been rode hard, ride was very rough. AC barely worked. When you shut the door it sounded like the VERY early year Datsun tin doors shutting.

    I suppose it was an "upgrade" from the economy car we had rented. :D

    If our car was at all representative of the quality of cars Budget Aruba keeps, I can't recommend to rent from them.
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    We usually rent from National. Never had a problem.
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