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    From World Travel Guide

    Brasilia International Airport Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek

    Airport Code:

    Airport news:

    A new second terminal opened at the airport in the summer of 2010, housed in the former general aviation centre. Further upgrades are in progress in preparation for Brazil's hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, including renovation and enlargement of Terminal 1 and the car parks.

    Here you'll find essential information on Brasilia International Airport, including contact details, airport transfer facts, details of airport facilities, and how to get there.


    The information desk is situated inside the Departures hall and offers tourist information, as well as a range of leaflets, maps and brochures. There is also a touch-screen information terminal.

    Number of terminals:


    Transfer between terminals:

    There is a shuttle service between the terminals.

    Driving directions:

    The airport lies on the Rodovia do Aeroporto, off the Eixao (Sul) Highway and 15km (9 miles) south of Brasilia city centre.


    The airport is situated 15km (9 miles) south of Brasilia.

    Time zone:

    GMT- 3 (GMT- 2 from first Sunday in November to third Sunday in February)
    Contact info


    Brasilia (DF), Brasilia, Brazil


    (61) 364 9000.


    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


    Conference and business:

    There is a VIP lounge at the airport. Although there are no conference facilities at the airport, the post office (open 24 hours) has telephones and fax machines for business use.

    Facilities description:

    The airport is equipped with TTDs, disabled toilets, lifts and ramps. Assistance is available and wheelchairs can be provided. Passengers should contact the information desk inside the Departures hall for assistance. There are first aid and medical facilities available (including Yellow Fever vaccinations) 24 hours a day in Arrivals.

    Hotels Description:

    There are no hotels at Brasília International Airport. The majority of the city's accommodation is situated in the central district hotel sector. Brasilia Tourist Information (tel: (61) 364 9488) at the airport can book rooms in advance or upon arrival.

    Airport facilities


    There are two banks, six ATMs and a post office at the airport. The bureau de change is located at the Banco do Brasil.


    The restaurant is open 1100-2300 daily. In addition, there are a variety of snack bars, two of which are open 24 hours.


    There are nearly 140 shops at the airport, including duty-free, music and gift shops.


    A left-luggage facility is available.

    Other facilities:

    There is a first aid station and a travel agent at the airport. There are four theatres.

    Public Transport

    Car parking:

    Long- and short-term parking is available for 800 cars in the airport car park, which is located within easy walking distance of the terminal.

    Car rental:

    Car hire companies include Disbrave, Hertz, Interlocadora, Localiza, Locarauto and Unidas.

    Public Transport - road:

    Bus: Bus 102 runs to the bus station in the centre of Brasilia (journey time: 30 minutes). Microbuses 30 and 11 run from the airport to the bus station in the centre of Brasilia. Long distance interstate coaches connect Brasilia with other major centres around the country from the city centre bus station. All transport to the city centre can be accessed directly outside the terminal building after baggage reclaim.
    Taxi: Taxis are available 24 hours a day. They are the easiest and fastest way to get to the city centre (journey time: 15 minutes).

    Read more:
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    From Infraero Google translate:

    Brasilia International Airport - Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Brasilia - DF

    Brasilia International Airport is one of the main airports in Brazil and Latin America. For its geographical location, receives and distributes more than 400 flights per day, worth more than 14 million passengers per year to 44 destinations in all regions of the country. It currently operates six direct international flights: one for Europe (Lisbon), three for the United States (one for two to Miami and Atlanta) and two for Latin America (to Lima - Peru). Besides these, one for Argentina (Rosario), with scale.
    The current passenger terminal is designed to operate with 8 million passengers per year.
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    The "second terminal"' is only a conversion, no gates NADA Only used at this time by Azul The airport is crowded and wait times for checkin are obscene between 1800-2000 and 0700-0930 unless you are an elite with *A or GOL Language abilities are shockingly limited on the TAM and GOL desks. There is no lounge of any sort. In sum, it is difficult to believe that this is the airport of Brasil's capital.

    There are eight Intl flights aweek to MIA (4 x AA; 4 x TAM) 5-7 depending on season to ATL (DL);
    The Lima and Lisbon connections are as reported. There is NO flight to Argentina at this time.
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    No lounge - booo. :eek: Is the 5kg domestic carry on limit strictly enforced at BSB?

    Hired taxi or just flag one down from the taxi stand? Estimated cost? Does the new Metro help in anyway to get to either the hotel districts or the hotels on the lake?

    And if either of you had a hotel suggestion (food/drink/etc too) that would be great (PM works)

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    Metro doesn't go to the airport. It's also not a walkable city, and the metro is best for commuters, mainly. It's a city for cars.

    The 5kg hand luggage is hit-or-miss when flying domestically. I got away with exceeding it at multiple places, but remember being stopped by a security guard at FOR who just happened to have a scale in his pocket.

    Interesting architecture for a day, otherwise not really a fun city. I liked the Parque da Cidade to go running. And this probably doesn't answer your question on restaurants, but one can eat as a visitor for really cheap at the per-kilo cafeterias in many Ministerios after 1300hs.

    Recommendations for eating: there's a great set of restaurants in Sao Paulo, a quick plane flight away.

    Blech, Brasilia. At least the humidity is often lower than at the coast.
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, there are no lounges open because of renovations to the airport for the World Cup. The food court has fast food restaurant outlets and one sit-in restaurant. You are allowed access to the immigration desks a.k.a outbound passport control about one and a half hour before the departure. Such a huge airport space, and yet a match-box size space out side gates of US bound carriers :(

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