British Airways A380: First, Club World, World Traveller Plus & World Traveller Review Videos

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    I was lucky enough to go along on British Airways' first A380 flight last week, from Frankfurt to London. I've reviewed their new business class cabin below, and also had a quick look at the other cabins.

    Once playing, I strongly suggest you click the cog and choose HD for improved picture quality
    Club World
    Better looking than the first photos suggested, and great double beds for couples. High density works well for families, less good for solo business travellers. This is a gentle evolution of their current product, which is starting to be left behind by world-class carriers such as Singapore, Cathay and, er, American.​
    Some nice changes to the onboard product, but it's a product that is constrained by BA's cheap upgrades (with vouchers and miles). Bearing this in mind, a very solid product - but could have been so much better as the overall footprint of each seat is quite large

    World Traveller & World Traveller Plus
    WT is is fantastic - a choice of cabins to choose from in the plane (with a very small quiet one upstairs at the back, and seats with extra seat storage available) along with power & USB sockets.
    WTP is nicer than WT (as you'd expect) but overall it's well beaten by BA's competitors.
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    Great videos, thanks for posting! Can't say the same about the product though. The seats in all classes look rather uncomfortable, and the decor cheap and ugly. Sure is an "enhancement" compared to their distinctive B748.
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    BA doesn't fly the 748.
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    Thanks for sharing the videos. All very interesting !. Im on the A380 out to LA in December and just interested, how cheaply the upgrades are frpm WTP to Business Class. Im on a connecting flight from Aberdeen with a layover of 2 hours between flights in T5
    Last year l was upgraded to Business Class on the same route on the 747 and loved it.The upgrade came through at the gate, and while lm not expecting it again l did wonder how much it might be to chance asking, assuming l could get a window seat. Any thoughts ?
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    Great post bud! I've been trying to get on my first BA flight. Can't wait!
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    Thanks for sharing. I don't see any advantages for passengers in the new Club World.. In general, this seat arrangement doesn't make sense to me at all from a customer perspective. It might be comfortable when flying as a group but for business people (target customers, right?) who fly solo it's not only awkward to face their seatmates but even more uncomfortable to not have direct access to the aisle. I'm also wondering how BA can provide a business class where passengers do not have enough light to work at night..

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