Briggs & Riley Baseline collapsible luggage

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    An interesting approach to expandable/collapsible luggage from B&R. They use a ratcheting mechanism on both sides of the luggage. You basically cram as much crap as you possibly can into the thing, close it then compress it.

    When expanded it gives you an extra 33% more room, so the idea is that you'll just cram away and compress the thing after it's closed into carry-on size.


    No idea how durable this setup is or if it's even effective without a hard shell... bulging luggage is bad business if it doesn't fit, plus the whole thing looks like it puts strains on the zippers and seams which means things don't last.

    But who knows... it might be just fine. I personally don't feel like spending $400 to find out though.
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    One of my rollaboards has an expansion zipper. I occasionally use it to give me more space when I check the bag, but more often I expand while packing/closing the suitcase and then I compress the bag (sit on it) and zip the expansion shut.

    I think I paid $100 for that sucker 10+ years ago in Canada. Don't even know what the brand is (none of the majors) but it works fine and has been around the world a few times.
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