Brexit Orlando lunar eclipse the Cubs: wall st tells why airstox are tanking

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    Another day of mindless financial news dictated by Wall Street. Airline stocks are cratering after Wall Street demanded that air travel be degraded to an überhassle but youd never know it from the media Where once the airlines asked for your forebearance-they were doing their best, post merger it has been contempt, disdain and an all out war against the passenger-the air cartel actually plotted to make you less comfortable on the all in theory that Americans would have no choice, No degradation was off the table. Now the airlines have to cut capacity since in the post frequent flyer era, many will only fly at dirt cheap prices. Utter political failure allowing these race to the bottom mergers. Why is the administration/congress held hostage to private equity etc. When will congress hold hearings and ask tough questions to the airline CEOs and when will doj stop this summers obvious price collusion and tell Wall Street analysts to cease their calls for the airlines to price fix.

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