Breathing life into SyncAssist

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    After Twitter killed off my API key for SyncAssist a few weeks back things were rather ugly. No more opportunity to help lots of people automate big savings through the AmEx Sync promotions. For those looking to automate just one account, however, I have good news. My SyncAssist bot is still running, watching the AmEx account to learn about new promotions when they are released. And, thanks to IFTTT I can also now automate sending a tweet when that happens. I’ve created the recipe and published it here.


    Added bonus: It seem to actually be working. There haven’t been a ton of public Sync offers lately to test it on, but the past three all worked correctly for me.

    #AmexSleepys via

    — WATT Tester (@WATTTester1) September 16, 2015

    @WATTTester1 Thx for enrolling in #AmexSleepys offer. Spend w/connected Card & receive credit. Terms:

    — Amex Offers (@AmexOffers) September 16, 2015

    And, if you’d prefer to create your own recipe from an RSS feed of the available offers that’s also available: More on that tomorrow.

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