Breast Cancer Awareness Month on DL

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by AMPfromBNA, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone!

    As I am sure anyone who traveled DL in October has noticed, it's there Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think this is a great promotion on DL's behalf, and hopefully raises a bit of donations for the cause.

    While I am often happy to buy a $2 pink lemonade, I was a bit surprised on a recent flight from DFW to ATL. A male flight attendant came on the overhead and gave the passengers a short talk about the statistics of breast cancer. He then stated that "2 our of 9 men will experience breast cancer, and I was recently diagnosed myself". He then said he would be passing through the cabin with a bag, and any donations towards BCA month would be appreciated.

    I assumed the donations would go towards the formal DL donation process, and threw a $5 bill in the bag. In retrospect, I wondered if this was fully legit. When buying the drink, there is an exchange of goods and a credit card machine, therefore an accounting process of some type. I doubt this FA could get away with pocketing the donations... certainly the other FAs would notice anything astray.

    Thoughts? Have you encountered any straight-out requests for donations on your other flights (aside from pink lemonade and such)?
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    I did last year --(possibly the same FA) I just said we give directly to the charities we like and get our donations matched by a corporate foundation.

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    I've never seen an FA pass the hat (or bag), but I cannot see it being done without at least tacit approval from the company. To do otherwise would invite a reprimand.

    What DTWBOB said is what I would do as well.

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    I did not see any FA going around with a bag during the BCA month, last year or this year. My view on this is that BC is one of the many diseases that are capable of disrupting your life in a major way of you happen to catch it. For those, who have been personally affected by or a disease other than BC, the latter might not be favourite cause. It's one thing for a corporation to pick a cause, but quite another to actively push it on passengers. There is a fine line between supporting a charity and pushing it it on people. Giving to charities directly is a better way. That way you get to support the charity of your choice without feeling guilty about not supporting one charity, chosen by someone else, or another.

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