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    One of my newbie complaints from both FT and here is that when I want to search for specific credit cards and their most recent offers, you have to either use the search tool and hope it catches everything, or hunt it down in the muck of whether they're in the thread for the FF/Hotel program or in the general AmEx MR forum, or the all inclusive "other" forum. If I was going to redesign (It's clear that with 13 forums in ConcourseZ that have < 10 threads in total that those could be consolidated), I'd create a subforum under each FF/Hotel program for the credit cards associated with those hotels. Then, I'd also have in the credit card "program" folder, new forums for non-branded cards by carrier (Chase Freedom, Sapphire/Preferred, Ink, Bold, etc, but all under the Chase forum) (Venture, Venture Rewards, Cash, etc under C1), etc.

    I think this would be a very efficient and organized way of discussing credit cards, and then I'd really like to see a separate churning forum. I find it amusing that there's a separate forum for Hipmunk and, but one of the most important aspects of milepointing is all lumped into a giant barrel.

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