Brazilian Visa Requirements for US Citizen Minors- Pay Close Attention if under 18!!!

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    People are having trouble getting Brazilian visas for US citizens under 18 years of age. That is because of a famous case that involved a child with dual citizenship who was taken to Brazil from the US by his mother, who then died, and the ensuing legal battle involved the US Secretary of State and the Brazil Supreme Court. So:

    Minors under 18 years of age must follow special requirements to obtain a Tourist Visa to travel to Brazil.
    In addition to the above requirements for a Tourist Visa, the following additional documents must also be presented:
    • the original birth certificate and a copy. Copies presented without the original birth certificate must be notarized;
    • a notarized letter of consent, signed by the parent not traveling with the minor, or by both parents if the minor is applying alone (if the minor is traveling with both parents this letter is not necessary if all names appear on the itinerary and both parents are applying for the visa at the same time);
    • immunization record for polio for children between ages of three months and six years. If the child cannot be inoculated, bring a notarized letter from the child's physician.
    Note that the notarization of documents issued in the US must be done by a Notary Public within the jurisdiction of this Consulate.

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