Bradley International Airport adds parking programs for frequent fliers

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    Two programs have gone into effect at Bradley International Airport making it easier to park there, courtesy of the Connecticut Airport Authority and Standard Parking Inc., the parking operator.

    The first program is a new “Frequent Parker Program” called “Auto-Pilot Rewards.” It started on Oct. 1, and already, more than 500 customers have enrolled.
    After you enroll, which costs nothing, each time you use a parking facility at the airport you accumulate Frequent Parker credits that give you free parking days.

    Like the EZPass program for highway tolls, you get a rectangular plastic card which you hold up to the reader at the entrance to the garage or outside lot entry point. That opens the gate, and you park. When you leave, you flash the card at one of the unmanned toll booths labeled “AVI” and your credit card gets charged and you get the parking credits. Also, using the AVI toll booths means you can exit quickly.

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    A good idea.
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    BDL is one of the airports that I fly to often. Although BDL is called "Hartford" by the airlines, it's located in Windsor Locks, about 15 miles north of Hartford on I-91. The long-term parking lots at BDL are a bargain at $6/day, compared to airport parking at the major metro areas. The short-term/hourly parking lots are under-utilized (as are the long-term parking lots, many of which are closed). There have been "frequent parker programs" in the past for these lots, and so this announcement is a form of continuation of past practice.

    If I needed to take advantage of a "frequent parker program" at BDL, I would first talk with one of the many large Park N'Fly operators co-located near BDL, including Roncari, LAZFly, and many others, see:

    With the intense competition for airport parking by private vendors at or near BDL, it's hard to believe that some of these operators wouldn't quote you a better deal than the "official" airport parking folks. And I know that some of these private lots will have your car washed and ready for your drive when leaving the airport! Competition can be good for the (air travelling) consumer! :)
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