Bottlecap Stuck in Airliner's Door, Passengers refuse to go on....

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    I don't know whether to laugh to cry over this article from

    Juneyao plane forced to land in Xiamen after bottle cap stuck in door

    30 Mar 2011​

    Juneyao Airlines’ Flight HO1292, which flies from Hong Kong to Shanghai, was forced to land at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport on the night of 28th March after a bottle cap was stuck in the aircraft door, reports Xiamen Daily.

    The plane took off from Hong Kong at about 19: 45 on Monday with 118 passengers on board. However, the alarm on the plane suddenly went off after about half an hour’s flight.

    "At first, the flight attendents assured us that everything was fine, but the alarm rang again soon after and it lasted for half an hour”, said Ms Fang, a passenger on the plane.

    The plane landed at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport at about 21:00 and passengers were told that the cause of the problem was a bottle cap that was stuck in the aircraft door.

    After the problem was solved; however, some passengers were still worried and refused to let the plane take off.

    After negotiation with passengers failed, Juneyao Airlines agreed to make arrangements for passengers’ accommodation and allowed them to take three different flights to get back to Shanghai.

    Based on the safety record of some of China's airlines and the earlier assurances that "everything is fine" I would probably have sided with the passengers. ~HiIslands


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