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    I'm considering booking a trip from CLT to BRU. My choices are pretty limited; it seems like they are:
    1. CLT - PHL - BRU all on US metal.
    2. CLT - LHR on US, LHR - BRU on BA metal (six daily).
    I haven't decided if I will use miles for all, part, or none of the journey whichever routing I pursue.
    When I hit and enter the departure / destination combination I don't see the LHR - BRU as an option.
    I'd like to get over the pond on the first leg if possible. In the past I'd used Lufthansa to get to Europe knowing I'd rather be stuck there than in Philly (Phillytude and all).
    I've got a ton of miles on pretty much every program via US, AMEX, UR but I also need some PQM's so I'd consider buying a coach ticket and using miles for an upgrade.
    Is there some other way to see these types of routes and book them?
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    Call US to book stuff that you can't do on line?

    If you're upgrading with US miles, note than an upgradeable fare and US operated flights might be required, as well as upgrade iinventory. Be sure to check the rules carefully.
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    I would try for the US flight 716 with the 2+ hour connection in PHL US flight 750 if you want to try and stay with US and Oneworld. You also need to watch the YQ charges if you plan to use BA and transit via LHR. You could do an Iberia flight with an extra leg through Madrid but it depends on what you are trying to with this trip obviously. I would think YQ could be a factor on Iberia as well. I think Lufthansa and United are your other best bets outside of OW.

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