Booking mystery, OAK-ORD on *A mixed carrier not possible?

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    I'm stumped and searched all over, time to ask the experts... I've been flying direct SFO-ORD on United and am looking for an option to try it to OAK-ORD, with 1 stop. Couple reasons why... getting to SFO is a pain, OAK is 10 minutes from me. Also it's about 25% more miles if I route on *A if it's possible to route OAK-PHX-ORD. OAK-PHX would be US Air, and the trick is I cannot seem to find anyway to make PHX-ORD be on United metal (for the upgrades, and E+). I've confirmed the flights do exist. Why?

    I've tried UA's website, no luck, doesn't seem to be a codeshare in place for this route with US Air. US Air's website will only route me all the way thru on their planes, since they do fly the same route as United on PHX-ORD. Interline reservations on Orbitz, Kayak, Travelocity, even ITAmatrix are not even showing it as possible. Why? the only resort seems to be to book each leg individually.



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