Booking multiple rooms using two CC accounts

Discussion in 'Carlson | Club Carlson' started by jazzk, Apr 11, 2015.

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    I have searched high and low for the answer to this question and cannot find it.

    I have two separate Club Carlson accounts. One is linked to my personal Visa and the other to my business Visa. I would like to book two rooms for two nights at Radisson Martinique in NYC. I would use one CC account to book two nights for my friends and get the 2nd night free. And then I would use my other account to book a room for myself for two nights and get the 2nd night free.

    Is this possible? I seem to remember reading somewhere a while back that in order to get the 2nd night free I need to stay in the room myself. Or do I just have to be present for check in?
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    From the Club Carlson visa FAQ the answer to your question is 'no', for two reasons:
    Absolutely clear, I think...
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