Booking flights with 2015 segments?

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    This is regarding wanting to book a multi-leg-itinerary and with the last leg/segment in January 2015. As Delta won't currently let you book beyond Dec XX, can you book the last leg in Y (fully refundable/changeable coach) and start flying the itinerary and in a month change the last leg (in Y class) with no additional fees? (or would you pay phone fee?)

    For Example:

    AAA-BBB on Feb 1, 2014
    BBB-CCC on July 1, 2014
    CCC-DDD on July 7, 2014
    DDD-AAA on Dec 19, 2014 (to be moved to Jan XX, 2015).

    When you move leg #4, if Class Y changes in price I presume you'd owe the difference if more and would they refund the difference if less?

    Since you already started the trip and not all legs are in Y, would you be able to rebook the last leg in a lower fare class when moving the date to Jan 2015?

    Any other words of wisdom?

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