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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by webdes03, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Good morning all,

    Over the weekend, I was looking at cashing in a bunch of my miles for a European getaway next fall. Given the recently announced changes to the award redemption system this seems like a good time to dump a bunch of my miles.

    My question is around the value of F as an option at UA. I've read many reports that the service just isn't there. If I had my way, I'd fly nothing but sCO aircraft with sCO crews since they always had better customer service anyway, but given the fleet crossover now, and the fact that we're booking for August/September 2014, the cross-fleeting will likely look completely different by then anyway.

    We're looking at flying into STR. From there we'll rent a car and hit up Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Prague and Berlin, flying back home from TXL. Our tentative dates were August 24th eastbound, and September 3rd westbound, and there was a decent mix of F and J available. I've got about 220,000 miles currently, so plenty to cover at least one way in J. I've also got some other points that I can convert to UA miles and get just enough to cover Global First if I wanted to.

    My question is whether, in everyone's opinion, Global First is worth it? From what I've read, it's basically just J with an additional soup course and marginally better seat. I also pondered doing one way in J and one way in F; the question there is more around which one is the better option; do I want to be awake to enjoy F, or would the sleep quality be that much better in F than J.

    Our first plan was to fly into Zurich to start all of this, but when I called National, they told me no car rented in Switzerland could be taken to the Czech Republic, so it looks like we'll have to fly into Germany and pick up a car there, which according to them, can be taken to all the countries we want to visit.

    While we're at it, if anyone has any hotel recommendations or anything, we're all ears!
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    In general, I would say that east coast-europe is a waste of points to get into F. The seat is substantially better for sleeping than the C/J seat and I like the uncrowded cabin for really long hauls (think Asia/Australia flights) but I just don't see the value for what I'm assuming will be a EWR/IAD-Europe segment.

    If LH F were available (maybe you can get in on the YYZ-FRA availability if that's still out there this morning) then that might be a different deal entirely.
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