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    Honeymoon coming up in February. Have tix booked for BKK, bought in November. Family member wants to sponsor upgrade as a wedding gift. Problem: we bought with a K booking code. From what I can gather on my own UA will only apply a GPU to booking class V.

    So tried to change the booking via - no luck. Selected the Booking->Change Flights->Fare Class "V"- "Drop Dead, Ryan"....Or some sort of error message like that.

    Question: Being that the two booking codes are both restricted, non-refundable Y and having *G status on UA. Would United be friendly enough to make the change for me?

    Yup, I know and I will just call them myself! It would be great though if anyone had a quick answer that would either enable or stop me from begging like an idiot to a call center rep; well, that would be great for my healthy ego.


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    GPU's (systemwide upgrades) are valid from fare class W and above.
    Will be valid on V-class

    Up-faring to a higher booking class in the same cabin will most likely involve penalties such as a change fee.
    You can definitely ask UA if they will give you a break on the change fee. Highly unlikely they will waive it.
    Change fee can be anywhere from 200$ and above depending on your original ticket rules.

    I would suggest its worth calling and finding out what is the total dollar required for the change. Before that, figure out if upgradeable seats are available on the dates you are ticketed (you can ask the agent to look for R-class inventory).
    If no R-class available, then you are essentially gambling that extra $$$ spend.

    What route are you flying? Some routes are real tough to get upgraded (e.g., SFO-HKG).

    you have to decide if its worth the $$ for the upgrade games if no R-class available on your flights.
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    Rules say you pay the fare difference and change fee. But appropriate begging can get the change fee part waived in some cases. Good luck!
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