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Discussion in 'Hyatt | World of Hyatt' started by seaflyer, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I recently tried booking an elite rate for a stay next month at Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle online, but didn't see this option available. The daily rate for deluxe king was $179 with a AAA breakfast rate of $161. As I wanted to try to upgrade using points to a luxury suite ($361/night online rate), I called the reservations line so that they could walk me through it. I happened to ask about the elite rate and they mentioned that even though it wasn't showing up online, that an elite rate of $144 was available. Score! I was able to upgrade to a suite using the elite rate after the gentleman on the phone rang the hotel as apparently upgrading from a discount/promotional rate is up to the hotel's discretion.

    I'm not sure why the elite rate doesn't always show up for online booking, but I wanted to post about my experience as I think it behooves one to double-check over the phone as sometimes, or at least in this instance, an elite rate in fact was available and can save you a chunk of change.
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    Hello seaflyer,

    We are so glad one of our agents was able to assist you and provide you with your "My Elite Rate" for your upcoming stay at the Hyatt at Olive 8. I will definitely bring this information to our website coordinator thank you so much for the feedback. Just a side note, you must be logged in to your membership in order for the rate to show up and of course you probably are but if any corporate codes for discounts are placed into that corporate field such as AAA it may not pull up the "My Elite Rate" either. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention and we cannot wait to welcome you to the Hyatt at Olive 8.

    Warm regards,

    Drew D.-Guest Relations Associate
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    Yeah, there have been a number of posts on the blogs recently about how to get the My Elite Rates to show up:

    TL;DR: Make sure you are logged in. Clear any corporate or special discount rate fields. Then do another search. Obviously not all hotels have My Elite Rates options, so its hard to know if its working. I *hope* this is a glitch that Hyatt plans to fix, rather than an attempt to hide the rates from their "most valued" customers. But for now its the way you have to do it. Its also odd there wasn't much/any overlap between the rates PIM saw with/without...

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