Booked on four different ORD-SFO flights in a single day

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    That has to be a record for me. I started this trip in Dublin, Ireland, and upon check-in was informed my outgoing DUB-ORD was running 2.5 hours late and that I did not have a connecting flight booked. I was originally on the 1430 ORD-SFO but we were scheduled to arrive ORD after that time. I was told the only available flight open was the 2000 ORD-SFO, about 4.5 hours after my newly-scheduled arrival. Not much option than to say "O.K." at that point.

    Cleared U.S. customs and found a phone (make sure you have a phone card here as the phones charge 1 euro a minute for international calls). Called the EXP desk and had a 15 minute wait. Turns out the software did not recognize my EXP number and they asked if I was someone else when they answered. Routed to the EXP desk. DUB offers free wi-fi but I could not find the headset for my tablet--probably in my checked bag.

    EXP desk was able to move me to the 1800 ORD-SFO flight in F which saved me 2 hours. They did have a seat available on the 1625 flight but it was in coach and may have been the last available seat, so thought the wait for 1800 in F would be a better option.

    Arrive at ORD and went to the Flagship Lounge at 1600 They moved me to an aisle seat on the 1625 flight which was now departing at 1700. I was #1 on the gate upgrade list and cleared (name did not appear on the monitor, though, and I understood that was because I was being treated as a paid F passenger). Departed about 1740.

    Missed my transit connections to get home and did an award night at Hyatt SFO. I booked that before leaving Dublin. Good thing I did as they were sold out when I arrived.
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    Sure pays to have status:D These are the times I am soooo grateful to get some special help!
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