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    In light of the fiasco surrounding the American Airlines Shopping Portal. I just wanted to plug the bonus points mall / insite. It is by far the easiest of the shopping sites to deal with when things go wrong. If a transaction doesn't post, I can just email through the secure messaging service and they have always posted the points.
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  2. It is a great tool bar to have on your phone.

    Keep in mind that they are still offering 10,000 MR for installing the toolbar. Just send a secure message.

    PM me if you need more details.
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    MR Shop Mall may not be so great after all.............after total frustration with AA/Mp shopping mall over the years, I started to take advantage of the Capital One Venture mall once I got my card. Low and behold....some I got miles for and some I did not! But I was able to call Cap One and they had the miles on my card within 24 hours. Great Customer Service.

    Switch to Chase Ultimates Rewards mall. Had 3 orders post to my problem. But then 3 other vendors did not. So I called up Chase to see how I could track them down. Boy oh boy were they confused. They told me that this was handled by a 3rd party and that I would have to go through them to get the points (I am thinking Cartera and cringing). I told them that according to their website, the only party to contact was Chase. That is what is listed in FAQ and the link I am given for customer service.

    The Chase rep puts me on hold and says he will call me back. 30 minutes later he tells me he gave me the 1500 I was owed, plus another 1000 for the inconvience... so I am happy. Membership Rewards Mall. I have a few orders in through them. I try to go to the website to see if any of my orders show up. Anywhere. Nope. Unlike all the other shopping malls there is no listing of pending or completed orders. Ya gotta be kidding me.

    So I call and I ask the rep how I am supposed to know when or if I get credit for these orders. She said there is no way for me to know. That I have to wait 2-3 months after the order and CALL them to see if I got credit. The points just get lumped together according to Am Ex. So my statement will show how many points I earned for the whole month, and they combine credit card earnings and shopping mall points without breaking them down.

    That isn't going to work for me! I shouldn't have to call in 3 months after every shopping mall order and say "Did I get extra points for these orders?".

    So for now I am back to ordering from United's MP mall during the "month of miles" promotion. But once that ends I am going back to using Chase Sapphire and their Ultimate Rewards mall....

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